Poster presentation

In the spring of 2015, I had the opportunity to present a poster on my paper, A Linguistic Phenomenon: Code-Switching in Media and Advertisement, during KSU’s 20th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. An abstract of the paper that I wrote and presented can be found below. Since presenting my paper, it has been downloaded over 2,900 times.

Academic Department: Technical Communication and Interactive Design (formerly Digital Writing and Media Studies)
Faculty Sponser Name: Jeanne Bohannon, Ph.D
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to examine the linguistic phenomenon of code-switching in two different forms of communication: social media and traditional advertising. Code-switching, most common among bilinguals, is the practice of expressing ourselves in conversation, the act of altering the languages we speak, or the ability to switch back and forth between two different languages simultaneously. We all do it, albeit, inadvertently at times, whether it is to fit in, stand out, be understood, emphasize a point, or deliver a message. Throughout this paper, I will analyze code-switching found in a popular actress’ social media account as well as its presence in global marketing advertisements, and thus, determine why code-switching has become the intensively researched linguistic phenomenon that it is today.

Figure 1: Poster on code-switching in media and advertisement